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Upcoming Projects

Children’s Prevention & Recovery Network (CPREN)

Access24 Health & Medical Services is proposing to run a project called Children’s Prevention & Recovery Network (CPREN) with the aim of helping children and young adults regain life, following emotional or mental health disturbances.

The project is looking for funding to engage in a project to support children and young adults, who would have been assessed and identified to have been needing a service, who may be referred to CAMHS, but still on a waiting list.

CAMHS waiting list has been known to be long. There is a waiting list for assessment, then waiting list for treatment after assessment. This waiting list is unacceptable. It does not mean that, when the children are on the waiting list, they do not need the service.

A good number of children can be missed during this waiting period as they lose patients.

The project aims to work as a link between the referrer, other services and CAMHS, offer support during the period that the child is waiting for the next service, thus helping reduce the gap between noticing the problem and trying to get appropriate help.

The organisation also hopes to engage in early intervention strategies by engaging in road shows to help create mental health awareness in children and the need to get help early.

The project will operate an assertive outreach model, so as not to miss other children.